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How to Get Revenge - The Purpose Driven Knife - Get Even Today

The Purpose Driven Knife was developed to show people how to get revenge on bullies and deal with other forms of harassment. Regardless of why someone is harassing you, we show you ways how to stop it.

Since 2008, we have helped many people turn the tables against those who have been aggressive and abusive to them.

We have a yearly private membership for all of our members. If you are trying to get even on anyone, we can show you how it is done.

The Purpose Driven Knife Revenge Guides and Membership

What's Included with The Purpose Driven Knife Membership

The Purpose Driven Knife – This guide teaches you everything you need to know to get revenge against your enemies

Toxic Internet – In this guide, you will literally learn how to get revenge at the click of a mouse.

100 Ways to Get Revenge Blog – This is run by Jeff B. Britt, who is one of our Inner Circle Members at The Purpose Driven Knife. Jeff has agreed to start the blog again with updated content, because of high demand. You will receive content not posted on the public blog.

Investigators Links List – Investigative sites to carry out background searches to help you with your revenge campaigns.

Elite Access – This is our members area where you receive the above e-books, and have access to our private tactic and strategies. It’s also the place to download free tools that makes getting revenge so much easier. We also have a private forum where you can trade revenge information with other members.

Learn How to Get Revenge on Anyone

How to Get Revenge on Anyone

We've all had moments in our lives when someone just didn't treat us right. Maybe it was a sly remark, a hurtful comment, or worse.

Bullying is a real issue, and it's something none of us should ever have to face alone. So, what if you've decided enough is enough, and it's time to take a stand and get revenge against anyone who has harmed you?

However, you should first understand the type of person you are dealing with. Here are a list of typical bullies below:

Ways to Get Revenge on a Boss from Hell

Ways to Get Revenge on an Evil Boss

Do you have or know of these types of bosses listed below?

The Authoritarian Tyrant – This boss thrives on power and control, wielding their authority with an iron fist. They belittle, micromanage, and exploit their employees.

The best way to deal with them is to expose their unethical behavior, stripping them of their power and ensuring they face the consequences of their actions.

The Deceptive Manipulator – This boss appears charming but is ruthless underneath. They gaslight and manipulate employees to achieve their own agenda.

To get revenge, you must outsmart their manipulative games and reveal their true nature to those around them.

The Bullying Overlord – This boss thrives on intimidation and fear, creating a hostile work environment.

Your revenge should involve standing up to the bully, uniting coworkers against their tormentor, and pushing for a workplace change that ensures the boss can no longer exert their power.

The Credit Thief – This boss takes credit for their employees' ideas and work, leaving them in the shadows. Try focusing on exposing the boss's fraudulent behavior and ensuring that credit is given where it's due.

The Unethical Exploiter – This boss is willing to cut ethical corners to boost profits at the expense of employees.

To seek revenge, You need to learn how to expose their illegal practices, holding them accountable for their actions and protecting the rights of you and your coworkers.

These descriptions provide a glimpse into the different types of “Evil Boss” characters you may encounter in your quest for revenge at your office.

Each boss poses unique challenges for you to overcome as you seek retribution. These are some of the strategies and tactics we teach.

How to Get Revenge on a Cheating Ex

How to Get Revenge on a Cheating Ex

Are you dealing with a cheating ex spouse or partner?

Your emotions are running wild, and like most people we know who want to get revenge on an ex, you'll go about it the wrong way.

Is your ex one of these types of cheaters?

The Heartless Deceiver – This type of cheating ex is the epitome of betrayal. They've lied, cheated, and broken the trust in the relationship, leaving you devastated.

To exact your revenge, you must expose the ex's infidelity to the world, seeking closure and justice.

The Repeated Offender – This ex is a serial cheater, incapable of fidelity. They've hurt you time and again with their unfaithful actions.

Your revenge should focus on showing the ex that their actions have consequences, ensuring they face the truth about their destructive behavior.

The Gaslighting Manipulator – This cheating ex not only betrayed you but also manipulated you into questioning your own sanity and worth.

Learn to regain your self-esteem, expose the manipulative tactics used against you, and ensure the ex can no longer wield power over your emotions. Do them dirty!

The Guilt-Tripper – This ex attempts to place the blame on you for their own actions, making her feel responsible for the betrayal.

Your revenge should involve reclaiming your sense of self-worth, rejecting false guilt, and making the ex confront the consequences of their deceit. Make them pay!

The Secret Double-Lifer – This ex lived a double life, hiding their infidelity behind a façade of loyalty.

To exact your revenge, you must unveil the ex's hidden secrets, exposing their duplicity and ensuring that the truth about the double life is revealed. Do it all with a smile on your face!

These are various types of “Cheating Ex” characters you may encounter in your quest for revenge.

They might represent challenges and emotional turmoil for you as you seek vengeance and closure.

How to Get Revenge on a Neighbor from Hell

The Best Revenge on a Neighbor from Hell

The Noisy Nightmare – This neighbor seems to have a personal vendetta against tranquility. They play loud music, have raucous parties, and engage in all sorts of noisy activities at all hours.

To seek revenge, you may need to outdo the noise with more creative disturbances.

The Property Line Violator – This neighbor regularly encroaches on your property or disputes property boundaries, causing constant disputes and property damage.

Revenge could involve highlighting the neighbor's own violations to authorities. Or, maybe their pet could disappear. 🙂

The Paranoid Snooper – This neighbor is obsessed with peering into your life, whether through nosy questions, peeping through windows, or excessive surveillance.

Revenge could entail turning the tables on them, making them question their own privacy.

The Vandalizing Menace – This neighbor intentionally damages your property, from slashing tires to spray-painting graffiti. Revenge might involve finding legal ways to make them pay for their destructive actions.

The Trashy Trespasser – This neighbor habitually leaves their garbage or unwanted items on your property, creating a mess and health hazards.

Revenge could involve returning the favor or ensuring they face penalties for their actions.

These descriptions provide a glimpse into the different types of “Neighbor from Hell” characters that you may confront in your quest for revenge.

Each neighbor poses unique challenges, requiring you to devise creative ways to seek retribution or resolution.

How to Get Revenge on Coworkers

How to Get Revenge on Coworkers

The Opportunistic Tattletale – This workplace snitch is always ready to report even the tiniest infractions to superiors, often for personal gain.

To seek revenge, you must find a way to turn the tables and expose the snitch's own misdeeds.

The Backstabbing Co-Worker – This snitch pretends to be a friend while secretly gathering information to report you.

Revenge might involve revealing the co-worker's true intentions and building alliances with colleagues who can help.

The Manipulative Informant – This snitch uses subtle manipulation and persuasion to get you to reveal confidential information, then reports it. To exact revenge, you must outsmart the informant, turning their tactics against them.

The Sabotaging Squealer – This snitch not only reports you but actively sabotages your work to create more reasons for reporting.

Revenge could involve finding ways to document the saboteur's actions and exposing them to supervisors.

The Two-Faced Whisperer – This snitch pretends to be your confidant but relays everything to management.

You will have to set up a false trail of information to mislead the snitch.

These are the types of “Snitches at Work” characters that you may encounter in your office.

Each snitch presents unique challenges, such as losing your job, and preventing promotions.

You must learn to be creative to protect your interests and potentially expose their treacherous actions, and give them superior punishment through your revenge tactics.


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