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The Purpose Driven Knife teaches people how to get revenge against bullies and other abusers.  For more than a decade, when people needed solutions to difficult situations, we are the ones who people have put their trust.

If you are looking for your ex-spouse, boss, neighbor, coworker, or other enemy to give you a hug and become your friend again, then this site is not for you. 

However, if you want to end the constant harassment, taunting, and torment caused by people who are out to get you, we have ideas for nearly every situation.

Our Professional guides teach you how to get revenge on someone who hurt you. That includes:


How to Get Revenge on a

How to Get Revenge on a Cheater

Nothing hits you harder in the gut than when you find out your spouse or partner is cheating on you. The best ways how to get revenge on a cheater go much deeper than trying to break up the relationship with the lover. As a matter of fact, that’s the number one mistake people make when they try to go directly after the lover. 

How to Get Revenge on

The relationship ended, but for you, it just left a bad taste in your mouth and you want to get rid of it. We don’t blame you. However, don’t allow your emotions to get in the way of your plans. We can teach you how to get revenge on your ex the smart way.

How to Get Revenge on Your Ex

How to Get Revenge on a

How to Get Revenge on a Bully

The way we teach you how to get revenge on a bully involves an old school approach. It involves fighting back. Now, we are not talking about in a physical way (although, that sometimes helps). We show you how to psychologically control bullies and how to get bigger bullies to do the physical work for you.The fact is that bullies are cowards. Once there is someone who is bigger or someone who doesn’t back down, they won’t want to have anything to do with them.

How to Get Revenge on a

Nearly everyone has encountered the neighbor from hell. One neighbor who makes your life so miserable, you are almost willing to move, or go to jail over them. Relax! We’ve got you covered again. You can always pretend to be polite with them, and let them think they’re winning. But behind the scenes, their life is slowly falling apart and they can’t understand why. Let us show you some easy methods on how to get revenge on a neighbor that will soon keep them quiet.

How to Get Revenge on a Neighbor

How to Get Revenge on a

How to Get Revenge on a Coworker

Many coworkers feel they are directly competing against you. The work environment is a cutthroat place. Some of your coworkers will go out of the way to get any advantage over  you for a promotion or just to be on good terms with your boss. You have to be very careful on planning how to get revenge on a coworker, because even one who is friendly with you, could be plotting behind your back.

How to Get Revenge on Your

We all know how powerful your boss can be when they control the money you use to feed your family. We also know how quickly they can fire you and replace you without losing any sleep. Just because your boss has power over you, doesn’t mean that he or she should control you or make you feel threatened. We will teach you how to get revenge on your boss without them ever suspecting it was you.

How to Get Revenge on Your Boss

How to Get Even with them and move on

These are just a few examples of how to get revenge on someone. It doesn’t matter who it is, or what relationship they have to you, it’s possible to deal with them correctly.

Your end goal should be to quickly get even with them, make them pay for what they did to you, and then move on with your life. 

Check out our revenge guides to help you develop a plan and execute it fully without any reprisals.