The Purpose Driven Knife Ebook

Finally! Help From the Purpose Driven Knife Ebook Has Arrived:

Ruthless, Ass Kicking Techniques That Now Have Other “Revenge Sites” Scratching Their Heads In Total Disbelief! 

– This Book Should be Banned! The Methods and Applications are So Destructive, Your Enemies Would Rather Relocate, than Screw Around With You.

15 Years and Going Strong! Let the Purpose Driven Knife Ebook Teach You How to Get Revenge on Anyone! Hurtful and Evil Ways to Turn the Tables on your Worst Feared Enemies by becoming Fearless Hunter

The Purpose Driven Knife Ebook - Get Revenge - When Forgiveness is Out of the Question


Our books and other material are for Entertainment and Educational Purposes Only and should only be viewed and purchased by adults 18 years old and above.

If you decide for any reason to use any of the techniques or ideas described in this book, or in our membership site, you cannot hold me, or anyone else associated with our material, responsible for any injuries, legal problems, or other issues that might arise.

If you want the most thoroughly advanced methods to give your adversaries a mental breakdown, this is the ONLY BOOK you’ll need. Here are a few things you might want to consider before arming yourself with The Purpose Driven Knife Ebook.


This book is not about teenage pranks. It’s about fighting dirty against someone who has caused you extreme physical, or mental pain. If you only like to play by the rules, it’s better you leave this web site, and look someplace else.  


Life is tough, and it sucks sometimes. Those who are weak, get crushed. Those who want to survive need to deal with their problems head on, and not hide under a desk, like some spineless wimp. Go ahead, get some backbone, and quit asking the world to help you with your problems. 


This book is crammed with information to help the Average Joe and Jane DESTROY anyone who dares get in their way. Enough constant harassment to break down even the strongest minded asses in your life. 

“These guys are awesome! This book discusses so many ways to get revenge, it’s mind boggling.  — P.L, Atlanta

Fake Revenge Gurus

Beware of Revenge Site Wannabes!

With the invention of Internet Niches came a tide of Revenge Site “Gurus” who began peddling their worthless pranks and recycled ideas to try and make a few extra bucks! You know the kind of sites I’m talking about, right?

The ones that are full of text and ideas they stole from our site, and others. You can easily recognize them by their comical suggestions. The ones that promise to make men cry, help you get even, and take full control by squirting super glue in your enemies locks!

We are the original mental head bangers of revenge. We have proven time and again how to get even with anyone. After you’ve gone to most of the other sites, and came up empty handed, why not learn from the professionals?

“Completely destroy your enemies…And leave them wondering what hit them.”


“Due to privacy, security issues, and the severity of some of the techniques and strategy, we no longer accept 2CheckOut, PayPal, Stripe, Credit Cards or similar types of payment. Click the Order Now Button above for information on how to join.

This is a Revenge Book on Steroids!

Check Box for Revenge Benefits

Investigate people, and use that information to get revenge on ANYONE FAST.

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Continually harass these people until it hurts them.

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Feel Rewarded  – I wanted my readers to receive fast gratification.

Check Box for Revenge Benefits

Have Affordable Solutions –   Face it, private investigator fees are expensive, and lawyer fees are astronomical. Then, there is no guarantee that a court case is going to go in your favor.

Bold Statements?  You better believe it.  Because it’s something WE DO EACH AND EVERY DAY!!!  So, we know what we’re talking about.

We have created an unequaled, high quality book , that allows you to cause pure chaos to those who are on your radar. Hard-Hitting ideas are discussed from the minute you download this book. NOW you can get even with anyone who was ignorant enough to have inflicted mental or physical damage on you in the past.  Imagine the power of superiority you will feel when your enemy is left angry, upset, tired and confused!

Before, all you could do was call the police. Then, they would fill out a report, and tell you that they would investigate. Or, perhaps, you have even had a case that went to court. Then, the bad news, your enemy was found not guilty, and is still walking the streets, laughing at you. Or, perhaps, getting his or her OWN revenge…

Deliver a Knockout Blow!

Throughout this book, we teach you how to go for the jugular vein. You should never allow your enemy to get up after you’ve got them on their back. Never give them opportunity for another breath.

“If you're soft or squeamish, this book isn't for you…”

Only the toughest, no-nonsense techniques were put in The Purpose Driven Knife Ebook.

Most of the revenge books written today deal with child's play and pranks. Or, long and complicated ideas that only work on television. In this amazing book, you're taught to go full-throttle until the smoke clears!

“Constantly deliver blows (figuratively) to their head.

 So, if you’re only interested in mischief, check the Internet, it’s full of “pranks” that you can pull on your enemy. However, if you’re interested in total destruction, you’ve come to the right place.

This book currently helps the following people:

1. Those who have been screwed

2. Those who have been screwed

3. Those who have been screwed

Do you fit into any of those categories?

Every technique and strategy in this course has been “FIELD TESTED” by K’bir and his Purpose Driven Knife team. They’ve helped their clients get even, and save on outrageous lawyer fees. Now, you can gather the secrets!

Revenge Secrets Revealed

Products that will destroy your enemy’s house, personal belongings, and car– you can also make the smell so unbearable, your enemy will be forced to replace them!”

Revenge Secrets Revealed

Internet Power SitesA list of Internet sites that will help you “Kick Some Serious ASS.”

Revenge Secrets Revealed

How to “STAY anonymous on the Internet” and avoid pitfalls on the Super Highway. You can build an invisible shield around yourself while conducting surveillance, and while executing your plan against your enemies!

Revenge Secrets Revealed

Revenge Tools that you can’t live without! Covert information on tools that every revenge artist cannot afford to live without!

Revenge Secrets Revealed

Professional Private Investigative Services” — get the scoop on the ONLY P.I. Service you will ever need, if you need one!

Revenge Secrets Revealed

Produce Fact and Fiction 
We not only help you dig up background information to use against people, we also help you fabricate other information. By creating an enormous amount of false information, you can break down your foe. It will be necessary for him, or her to fight off continuous allegations at every corner they turn. Slowly wearing them down, causing them to continuously change their telephone number (which you can then obtain their new one), and feel horrified every time they have to answer their doorbell.

Revenge Secrets Revealed

It’s well documented that too much water pressure can burst a pipe. Too much fear can make a person depressed, or even insane! Learn how to constantly torment your enemies to the point of surrender.

Revenge Secrets Revealed

Like a jungle animal, you will learn how to stalk and taunt your enemies.  The tables will turn, and instead of being the hunted you will become the HUNTER.  You will gain total dominance over your enemies, and the worst part of it all, they will never have a clue who is behind this EVIL. You will regain your smile and your Dignity.

This is One Occasion That You CAN Believe the Hype!

As a lawyer, I can tell you that I was very impressed about what I read in this book. Although some of the techniques are legally questionable, the outcome of applying them is obvious. What I use in my practice is the investigative links they use in this book. I received fast, accurate information on the subjects I was investigating. That tidbit of information alone was worth the price of the book.

Name Withheld, New York City

And much more…

Below the Belt Tactics

This course contains many ideas that have personally been used by K’bir, and Inner Circle Members of The Purpose Driven Knife. Some of the same techniques have been used to help average citizens get the upper hand against their enemies. This book includes STEP-BY-STEP DETAILS on how to mentally DESTROY anyone who dares to get in your way.

We teach you how to get revenge from A-Z. Stop talking about what someone did to you, or your family. Now you can personally TAKE ACTION with Our Tactics. Compare that with the price of a lawyer’s legal fees!


This was an eye opener. Now I can understand why some of these other revenge sites were hatin’ on you. This stuff really works!  

J.P., Massachusetts


Kbir, Morally speaking, I don't agree with all of your techniques.But the ones I have used were damned effective! 🙂

C.K. Texas


Membership Does Have Its Privileges

By owning this revenge masterpiece, you have the option to upgrade to our Elite Access Revenge Group. There, you will get additional professional tips and advice from The Purpose Driven Knife Inner Circle revenge masters.

In our private membership, you can also discuss anything related to revenge with other members and staff. Need to tighten up your revenge plan? Here is the place to do it.

Need other ideas not discussed in our book? Have them evaluated by us. Or, you might just want to use our professional services to handle the situation.

This book contains many lowdown, scandalous techniques. Combine this with the power of professional guidance given by our Inner Circle, and your enemies will immediately run for cover.

Here you will get professional tips and advice from the revenge master’s themselves.

Grab This Now!

You know in your heart you want to get even and get revenge. You’ve probably searched around the Internet for how to get revenge, how to get revenge on your ex, how to get revenge on your neighbor, etc.

Or, you have searched for answers, participated in forums and chat rooms, but still felt like you came away empty handed. Sometimes you were ridiculed because you wanted serious revenge. Other times, people gave you worthless information.

Most of the people on the Internet who give you tips on revenge, have never actually practiced what they preach. Instead, they sit in front of the TV, pick their noses, and scratch their asses.

Yeah, these “Weekend Warriors” talk big in chat rooms and social media groups, but in reality, they couldn’t bust a grape! They wouldn’t recognize a great revenge idea if one jumped up and bit them in the face!

The Purpose Driven Knife Ebook - Get Revenge - When Forgiveness is Out of the Question

WOW! I laughed for nearly ten minutes, just thinking of what I was going to do to my ex-husband. I put two of your methods into action, and saw results within two days. I really can’t thank you enough.

V.G., New Jersey


If this stuff catches on, people everywhere will tread very lightly, or else! 

B.B., Ohio

Elite Access Revenge Group

All of our ebooks are now available in our Elite Access Group. It’s a yearly membership with weekly updates and new material.

We have a lot to provide our members. Act immediately, because we have limited space to access our group.

After that, it will be closed to additional members.

Please Read:

“Due to privacy, security issues, and the severity of some of the techniques and strategy, we no longer accept 2CheckOut, PayPal, Stripe, Credit Cards or similar types of payment. Click the Order Now Button above for information on how to join.“

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