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Elite Access - Private Revenge Membership

Elite Access - Private Revenge Membership at The Purpose Driven Knife

Elite Access is the private revenge membership at The Purpose Driven Knife. 15 years of teaching people online how to get revenge has taught us five important things.

First, it has taught us how quickly the Internet changes. Websites come and go, laws change, links to websites stop working, and revenge tactics change. This also made it difficult to keep our revenge books updated.

Second, we realize that even when we provided the information and materials of how to get revenge on your enemies, some people never took action.

Third, when people needed our help, they were afraid to ask us. Receiving the e-books and other newsletter information was nice, but when some of our members wanted to ask questions, many of them didn’t (as we found out when we did a survey).

Fourth, we didn’t make ourselves as readily available as we should have. Okay, I’ll rephrase that, we weren’t as proactive as we should have been to keep contacting members.

The main reason was we respected your privacy, and we decided that if and when you needed our help, you would contact us. That wasn’t the best solution.

Fifth, it was difficult to always maintain secure communications. That’s because no matter how hard we tried, some members didn’t use TOR or secure e-mails to receive our messages.

Elite Access – The Purpose Driven Knife Reloaded 2023 and Beyond

Our Elite Access Private Membership Group allows us to take revenge to the next level. Two years ago, we held a revenge summit with our Inner Circle members. This was to help celebrate our tenth year anniversary of helping people get revenge online.

Elite Access was brewing behind the scenes for quite some time. However, we had to do a lot of testing to make sure it would work, and that we provided enough information. We also needed to have a secure way of distributing our content.

What is Elite Access

Elite Access is our way to bring all of our members together in a private way to discuss revenge tactics, help members, and come up with new ideas. We take you from a raw beginner to expert during your membership.

You will begin by absorbing our information, then you can put some of the tactics to work, and decide how much revenge you want to apply to your enemies.

Elite Access is a yearly membership. The amount of information, tactics, and material that we provide makes it well worth joining.

We are family, and we help each other out through ideas and action. Come in as family and leave as a revenge warrior.

What Our Elite Access Membership Includes

Secure E-Mail Communications – We will have a secure way of communicating with each other. Members will be required to use a certain free e-mail service and no other e-mail services will be allowed.

We will only contact each other through this service and it is encrypted end-to-end, it’s very secure, and it doesn’t leak, rent, sell, or give away any of your information, nor snoop on your content.

Secure Chat – We will communicate through he most secure chat program available. Our chats are encrypted and your IP address or location is never shown, so everyone remains 100% anonymous.

Weekly Fresh Content – New revenge tactics are delivered to you each week. You don’t need to look around for them, they will be inside your e-mail box each week. You will always stay up-to-date with what is working and what is not.

Anonymous E-mail Program – This program allows you to send anonymous e-mail to anyone without paying a monthly fee. It runs from your computer, and only requires setup (we provide the information).

The value of this program alone is worth the membership.

One-on-One Help – You can get help from K’bir or one of our other Inner Circle members with any revenge ideas, questions or strategy.

You will receive our idea packed e-books, The Purpose Driven Knife II, Toxic Internet, and The Investigator’s Links List to get you started.. CLICK HERE to find out how to join.

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