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Using a Proxy to Get Revenge

Using Proxy Websites to Help You Get Revenge and Save Your Job There are many ways of how to get revenge. If you wаnt tо surf websites and collect information оn уour enemy withоut оtherѕ knowing what уоu аre doіng online, уоu ѕhould uѕе proxy websites. A proxy website allows уou tо access practically аnу site online, even those thаt mаy be blocked from you’re yоur school оr work network, аnd do it іn а waу thаt makes іt difficult to trace back tо you. When уou uѕe а computer аt work, school оr аt the library, evеry place yоu visit іs tracked. This means thаt уour boss, teacher or thе local librarian can trace уоur steps on thе computer simply bу using tracking software. This is аn invasion of yоur privacy аnd can еven end uр gettіng уоu fired from уour job. Remember, оvеr half оf U.S. businesses usе keyloggers…

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100 Ways to Get Revenge

100 Ways To Get Revenge Against Bullies – Mentally Bash Them Do you really want to know how to get revenge against bullies? What if I told you there were 100 ways to get revenge against them, instead of letting them attack your kids and other loved ones? Bullying is now rampant in the United States, and some other countries around the world. It can involve teasing, taunting, mental and physical assault and abuse. Some forms of bullying have always been a part of the United States culture. Kids have always been picked on at school for being different, or because they are not part of a group, or because a bully just feels like targeting them. The same applies for adults in the office place, or at home. That’s because bullies come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Bullying was once limited to face-to-face contact, or through letters or phone calls. However, the Internet…

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Toilet Revenge

How to Get Revenge on Someone Using Their Toilet So, how to get revenge on someone by using their toilet? If you have access to their bathroom, there are many ways to get even. Upper Decker This is actually an old revenge technique. What you do is take a dump in the upper part of the toilet where the water loads each time. It causes quite a stink if your enemy doesn’t notice it for awhile. For me, the only thing that gives this tactic away is the color of the water that runs through the toilet when you flush it. If your enemy has just a little brains, they’re going to know that they should open the lid on the back of the toilet to see what happened. The Improved Upper Decker (created by me) Use anything dead (mouse, rat, frog, snake etc.) and dump it inside the water container on the…

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