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From: The Purpose Driven Knife Team

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Dear Friend,

We have some shocking news for you, Getting Revenge with your enemies on the Internet is NOT that complicated. If you have had enough abuse from an ex-spouse, partner, co-worker, angry boss, disrespectful neighbor, or anyone else who is yanking your chain, Toxic Internet is what you need!

After the success of our last book, The Purpose Driven Knife, many have asked if we could create an e-book specifically dealing with Online Revenge. We know that our last book was good, but, we’ve got to tell you, We’ve really outdone ourselves this time..

Word Of Warning: they started it, and now YOU are going to finish the harassment and abuse !

Every day when you turn on the TV you hear about someone else getting harassed, bullied, or beaten. Instead of taking the abuse, or waiting for someone to protect you, it’s high time to Do Unto Others, As They Do Unto You! However, you’re going to add one variation, you are going to crank it up, and dish it out Ten Fold!

This guide is for you. It deals with real world situations, and tactics that many of OUR private members use. It will help you not only even the score, but to win the game.

It’s 2016, and many things have changed in the world. When I was much younger, my father taught me to defend myself at an early age. Many kids in our neighborhood learned that if you got beat up by a bigger kid, you didn’t come home to mom and dad to cry about it. If you did, you were beaten again by your dad.

No, instead we were taught that if you were beaten up by a bigger kid, you should find the biggest stick you could find, or a brick, or baseball bat, and keep striking the older kid until their bones were broken, and they were bloody. Boy, I wish we had the Internet back in those days!

Toxic Internet isn’t about violence….

It is a unique system that you can use to embarrass and humiliate your enemy. It’s designed to punish anyone. Like a good martial arts system can teach you to maim and cripple an attacker, this book will teach you how to destroy your enemies by breaking their will, leaving them helpless as if they’ve been attacked by a rabid animal.

Introducing ‘Toxic Internet’ a Take-No-Prisoners Internet Revenge Book!

Toxic Internet - Online Revenge at the Click of a Mouse

We have been experimenting with every possible revenge technique we could think of for the past decade. Anything that we thought people could use as a way to get revenge, we have tried, (and sometimes haven’t always been successful). However , we have updated and refined what we know works, and are passing this valuable information on to you, so you can just crack open the book, and hit the ground running. These techniques are just that easy!

Stop putting up with harassment from others and start dishing out a hefty dose of revenge !

We have made these ideas so easy, that anyone who can turn on a computer, and click a mouse, can get revenge against their enemies on the Internet, quickly.

Stop worrying about what someone has done to you in the past and put a cyber smack-down on them, and immediately stop all harassment in its tracks.

This is what you are going to learn as soon as you download Toxic Internet!

  Toxic Internet BenefitsInvestigative techniques used by professionals to help you gather information on your enemies, and people who know them!

 Toxic Internet Benefits A 100% anonymous way to send out e-mails to help you stay stealthy, and under the radar!

 Toxic Internet Benefits Discover web sites that provide an army of potential partners who are looking for love, and would be happy to meet your enemies, no questions asked.

Toxic Internet Benefits  How to completely piss off your enemies neighbors, coworkers, family and friends, and make them hate your enemies, too.

 Toxic Internet Benefits Techniques that will make any of your enemies want to hide, or leave town!

Toxic Internet BenefitsSign them up for many organizations that will bring shame to them, and their family!

Toxic Internet Benefits  and much, much more!

Get Toxic Internet And Get Revenge Online Today!


Did you know that your enemies don’t give a crap about your feelings? They continue to laugh at you, knowing good and well that you won’t do anything!

How does it feel to know that your enemies are living well? That’s right. They’re probably sitting around laughing at you now. Delighted by the fact that they could do what they did, and you were such a light weight.

How much is it worth to regain your dignity and self-respect?

Look – We’re only here to help, not tell you how to run your life. Unfortunately, you’ve got to admit,it’s not fair to yourself, or your family that you continue to feel mentally, or physically abused by an ex-spouse, a neighbor, an angry boss, or anyone else.

Look at it this way — $47 is pure chump change compared to all of the sleepless nights wondering about how you’re going to get even with those who have harmed you. Not to mention all of the money you might waste on a money-hungry lawyer, who may, or may not be able to help you out.

Start buiding your revenge campaign online today. Then get on with your life, knowing that not only did you get revenge, but you probably prevented your enemies from harming others!

It’s easy to start now. Just click the Instant Download button below.


Click here to order right now for only $47 (even if it’s 2:00 a.m. in the morning). 


Yes, I want to learn how to get revenge on the Internet! Sign Me Up NOW!

It’s ON!

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Are you going to keep whining about what your enemy has done to you, or are you going to get revenge today ?

Forgive and Forget. Living Your Life is the Best Revenge. Yeah, that’s what your enemy wants to hear, so the can continue to abuse others as you continue to live miserably…

Don’t you owe it to yourself to GET REVENGE TODAY?

Sincerely, K’bir and The Purpose Driven Knife Team


P.S.  If you don’t download this book, your enemy will continue to to torment you stop the abuse, and GET REVENGE TODAY!

Toxic Internet - Revenge is a Dish Served Cold